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Everything You Need to Know

Q Why live in a Tiny House?

A: That answer depends on the individual. You may want to be mortgage or rent free. You may be working away from home and decide to bring home with you. It may be simply an environmental decision or a way to simplify life.


Q. How Tiny is Tiny?

A. Tiny houses are generally under 500 square feet. They can be as small as 200 square feet. We have built some that were over 500 square feet.


Q. How Much Does a Wee Bitty Home Cost?

A. Wee Bitty homes can run from $68000.00 to $140000.00  depending on the size, style & finishes you choose.


Q. What is included in the cost?

A. Personalized floor plan. Custom built trailer. Complete Home. Quality Craftsmanship


Q. How Involved can I be in the design and building process?

A. We will work with you thru all aspects of the build to make sure your Tiny Home is unique to your tastes.


Q. Do I Have to use Wee Bitty Designs?

A. No. If you have a custom design you want us to build; we can do that


Q. Do I have to Build on a Trailer?

Most of our Tiny Homes are built on a trailer. We can build them so they can be placed on a slab or posts.


Q. Can I Use Reclaimed Materials?

A. Absolutely. A big part of the Tiny Home movement is the use of reclaimed materials.


Q. Can I incorporate Alternative Energy Sources

A. Yes. We encourage any alternative energy sources. Whether it be wood stove, heat pump, solar, its all what you prefer.


Q. What Does Moving a Tiny Home Involve?

Most 3/4 ton trucks will be able to haul your smaller Tiny Homes. The larger homes will require a larger truck. We also offer delivery. 

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